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FX Harsono at Singapore Art Museum
Iola Lenzi, May 2010, Asian Art Newspaper

FX Harsono, who turned 60 last year, is amongst Indonesia’s most important living artists. He one of the archipelago’s pioneer contemporary practitioners, breaking away in the 1970s from the constraints of Western-imported modernism. He is also one of Southeast Asia’s seminal political artists. First introduced to Western audiences in the 1996 Asia Society exhibition, Traditions- Tensions Contemporary Art in Asia, curated by Apinan Poshyananda, in the late 20th century the artist was at the forefront of a generation of avantgarde Indonesian creators.

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FX Harsono: Testimonies
Tan Siu Li & Seng Yu Jin, April 2010, Nafas Art Magazine

Any discussion of the history of contemporary art in Indonesia would be incomplete without an examination of FX Harsono's art and practice. Harsono's works are remarkable in that they span four tumultuous decades in Indonesian art and history, and have borne witness to a multitude of changes and upheavals in Indonesian politics, society, and culture. Throughout this lime, Harsono has continued to question his role as an artist and his position in society, constantly pushing his art and practice to reflect and engage with new social and cultural contexts.

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FX Harsono: Testimonies through art
Prodita Sabarini, April 27, 2010, The Jakarta Post

When prominent artist FX Harsono’s father sent his son away from Blitar to Yogyakarta in 1969 to pursue a higher education, he thought his son would study engineering.
Little did he know Harsono had other plans for his future: To paint.
“I lied to my father,” Harsono recalled. “He didn’t approve of me studying art,” he said.
Besides enrolling into a technology institute, Harsono was also accepted into then newly established art school STSRI ASRI. Having a huge urge to paint and learn about the arts, he entered both schools, but lasted only three months in the technology one.

FX Harsono at SAM: How Exhibitions can Build the Canon
Iola Lenzi, April 27, 2010, C-Arts

The Singapore Art Museum, with Tan Boon Hui at the helm since late 2009, is training a more focused eye on Southeast Asian contemporary art these days. First in a series of single-artist exhibitions featuring the work of living regional creators who have contributed significantly to Southeast Asia’s evolving art historical canon, SAM presents Indonesian practitioner FX Harsono, 4 March-9 May 2010.

Singapore Art Museum Honors One of Indonesia’s Foremost Contemporary Artists
All Art, April 4, 2010, All Art News

SINGAPORE.- The Singapore Art Museum (SAM), as part of its initative to support the development of living artists in Singapore and the region, opened its first of four solo exhibitions for the year – FX Harsono: Testimonies tomorrow. Considered one of Indonesia ’s foremost contemporary artists, this exhibition marks the first time that a survey of Harsono’s artwork, created between 1975 till as recently as 2009, will be presented.

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pdf : Asian Art Newspaper, April 2010
FX Harsono’s Legacy of Brutality
Thomas Hogue, March 19, 2010, The Jakarta Globe
Few artists are as central to the development of contemporary art in Indonesia as FX Harsono.

He was a founding member of the ground-breaking Gerakan Seni Rupa Baru, or New Art Movement, in 1975, and his works commenting on some of the most tumultuous decades of Indonesian history have been an influence on almost every socially conscious artist who came later.

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FX Harsono's Rebellious, Critical Voice Against 'Big Power' in Indonesia
Sonia Kolesnikov-Jessop, March 12, 2010, The New York Times

SINGAPORE -- On a large black cloth, rows of traditional Indonesian theater Wayang masks with their bottoms half severed stand upward, looking inward toward their cut jaws that seem to emit silent screams. ''The Voices Controlled by the Powers,'' the 1994 installation by FX Harsono, was made in response to the Indonesian government's banning of the magazine Tempo after it published an article exposing corruption in the Suharto regime. The work exemplifies the Indonesian artist's belief that artists have a social responsibility.

A Haunting Exhibition at SAM
Carla Bianpoen, March 11, 2010, The Jakarta Post
Singapore Art Museum, which is displaying for the first time the works of a living Indonesian artist in its main hall, has stretched its limits by using a design expert for the display, making FX Harsono’s solo show one of a kind.

FX Harsono is an Indonesian artist of Chinese descent who has played a pivotal role in developing contemporary art in Indonesia and actively resisted authoritarian regimes through most of his artistic oeuvre.

Lebih Baik Dikoleksi Museum...
Tim Indonesia Art News, March 8, 2010, Indonesia Art News

RABU malam, 3 Maret 2010, di Singapore Art Museum Glass Hall, perupa Indonesia FX Harsono menjadi bintang, dan tentu pusat perhatian. Mulai malam itu, hingga 7 Mei 2010, karya-karyanya dipajang di ruang utama Singapore Art Museum dalam perhelatan pameran tunggalnya bertajuk “Testimonies”.

Ini menjadi perhelatan penting bagi perjalanan kreatif seniman kelahiran Blitar, 22 Maret 1949 yang pernah terlibat dalam gerakan Desember Hitam tahun 1974 .....

Sejarah dalam Potongan Kayu
Ilham Khoiri, March 7, 2010, Kompas

Para pengunjung itu terus berkerumun. Mata mereka terpaku pada pemandangan tak biasa: sembilan pasang potongan kayu hangus yang digantung di tengah kerangka besi.

Mereka tampak semakin penasaran saat menyadari ternyata bentuk kayu-kayu menghitam itu mirip pretelan torso tubuh manusia. Dugaan itu semakin kentara karena di depan setiap torso ada sepasang sepatu atau sendal....

The Fine Art of Indonesian Politics
Madhvi Subrahmanian, March 5, 2010, The Business Times


“The Erased Time” F.X. Harsono
January 29, 2010, Indonesia Culture
“To live. To Cease Living” is one of F.X. Harsono’s artwork of acrylic and oil paint on a 2X3,5m canvas in his tenth solo exhibition themed “The Erased Time”.

“Memelihara Hidup. Menghentikan Hidup” adalah salah satu karya yang dituangkan F.X Harsono di atas akrilik dan cat minyak diatas kanvas berukuran 2×3,5m dalam pameran tunggalnya ke sepuluhnya yang berjudul “THE ERASED TIME”.

The Erased Time For Indonesia's Ethnic Chinese
Karim Raslan, December 2, 2009, The Jakarta Globe
For Indonesia’s ethnic Chinese, any review of their long history in the republic is fraught with painful memories: fear, death, corruption, sequestration and discrimination.

While times have changed, thanks largely to the efforts of former President Abdurrahman Wahid, many (and especially the community’s artists) are still haunted by what they experienced over the decades.

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Historical Revelations
Carla Bianpoen, November 5, 2009, The Jakarta Post
To have been denied his original name is still a painful memory for FX Harsono, a Chinese Indonesian who faced severe discrimination because of his Chinese roots.

While reminiscing and searching for his identity, he unearthed detailed data on the mass murders of Chinese people between 1946 and 1948.

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FX Harsono dan Tionghoa Gugat
Ismi Wahid, November 6, 2009, Tempo | Interaktif

TEMPO Interaktif, Ruangan itu hampir kosong, hanya ada meja dan kursi. Kertas putih tertumpuk rapi ditemani kuas dan tinta "bak" di sampingnya. Lantai ruangan dipenuhi kertas berisi tulisan dengan huruf Cina yang sama. Menempel, namun tak berdesakan. Sinar lampu neon menyorot tajam ke satu arah, meja itu. Semuanya gelap.

Inilah pameran tunggal FX Harsono bertajuk "The Erased Time" di Galeri Nasional yang berlangsung 1-14 November 2009.....

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FX Harsono: An Indonesian Artist in Search of Identity
Katrin Figge, October 9, 2009, The Jakarta Globe

X Harsono has been a prominent member of the local art scene for many years. He has had his share of exhibitions in Indonesia and is also known internationally. His upcoming solo exhibition at the National Gallery, however, might be the most personal one for him so far. The artwork, on display from Nov. 1, is the result of a monthlong research project that took him back to his hometown of Blitar, East Java, to search for traces of past events and his own identity..

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Lukisan Digital Tunjukkan Karakterisasi Zaman
August 13, 2009, Suara Pembaruan

Pameran Tunggal FX Harsono:
Membongkar Fragmen Sosial di dalam Alam Pikiran
Sihar Ramses Simatupang, 2003, Sinar Harapan

JAKARTA – Alun-alun Kidul, Yogyakarta, menjelang pemilu 1997, pernah menjadi objek karya FX Harsono. Namun, gara-gara karya itu, ia mendapat pemantauan khusus dari penguasa Indonesia.

Dalam situasi sosial-politik yang jauh berbeda, FX Harsono baru saja selesai memamerkan karya-karyanya di Galeri Nasional, Jl. Medan Merdeka Timur No. 14, Jakarta Pusat.....

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