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Gazing on Identity / Menewarang Identitas
ARNDT Fine Art, Gillman Barracks, Singapore, October 28 - November 20, 2016

Man as an individual has the freedom to decide their own will' is a meaningless quote. When one is declared to be valid as a citizen the freedom changed.

For the Chinese, although they were born in Indonesia, they are still considered as migrant. Apart from Indonesian Citizenship certificate, they must also have other documents, where this regulation is not applied to 'real' Indonesians.

The dichotomy of real-migrant, free-bonded, is presented in this work. The facial expressions, poses, interaction in the family that seems to be free and happy on one side; and on the other side facing legal-formal issues that specifically only applies on them The point is, the law becomes discriminative if it applies only to suppress a community group.

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