Happy Holidays on behalf of the Moscow Biennale
December 26th 2011, Moscow Biennale

Dear FX Harsono,

Please accept sincere gratitude from the curator, the commissioner and all the Moscow Biennale team for your participation in the Fourth Moscow Biennale of contemporary art and for the possibility to present your installation “Rewriting the erased Name” in this show. Only thanks to our collaborative efforts and your invaluable support, the project was realized and has been a great success.

The main project of the biennale, – the exhibition presented at the ARTPLAY design center and TSUM Art Foundation has been visited by more than 70,000 people. The curator of the Fourth Moscow biennale, Peter Weibel, united 65 artists and 16 artistic groups from 33 countries on the total exhibition area of 8000 m2. With great joy we mark the unprecedented attention and interest of Russian and foreign mass media. Press service of the Biennale has accredited more than 300 journalists. More than 350 articles and reports at the leading TV channels and radio stations have been issued to date.One of the key notions of the exhibition “Rewriting Worlds” is interactivity. It is for the first time that a multimedia and interactive art exposition on this scale was shown in Russia, giving the visitors a chance to witness how the new technologies give birth to new imagery in contemporary art. The Fourth Moscow biennale of contemporary art has proved its right to be called one of the most significant and large-scale international cultural forums. Having carried out such event, organized on governmental level, Moscow has confirmed once again its status of one of the brightest and most important cultural capitals of the world.

We have the honour to inform you that the Fourth Moscow Biennale is officially closed. We are happy to provide you with the photo documentation of the artwork which is attached to this letter.

Please, use the following copyright and credit lines for the picture:
Photographer: Yackov Petchenin
Courtesy Moscow Biennale Art Foundation

We wish you nice Christmas holidays, a Happy New Year and all the best for 2012!


Sincerely yours,


Peter Weibel Joseph Backstein
Anna Morochnik
Exhibition Director
Valerie Oleynik
Daria Mille-Rassokhina


   Me and Roberto Cabot, artist from Rio De Janeiro, Brasil

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